Virtual Health and Care Pathway: Perspectives on driving Equity through Inclusive Policies

Tuesday 3 May 14.00

Room E

In English


Virtual Health and Care- the use of virtual means for overcoming healthcare challenges- is a major change in paradigm in the access to health at a global scale.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for the use and development of VH&C solutions in many countries. Though many gaps remain in particular in the field of equity.

Indeed, many factors influence the digital exclusion thus the lack of access to VH&C of different categories of the population. Age, disability, language and socio-economic barriers for instance are considered as important limiting factors.

Solutions have to be found to increase the adoption of VH&C and tackle inequity at an international level.

The development of adequate health policies in data governance, reimbursement, regulatory appears to be key to reach those objectives.

The objective of the session would be as follow:

  • Share the preliminary outcomes of a Landscape Review report from the Broadband Commission Virtual Health and Care WG
  • Understand the key challenges to drive maturity and equity
  • Share actionable recommendations for global policy makers to ensure equity and data security.
  • Share concrete examples of successful implementation of telemedicine.

Chairwoman and moderators

Florence Gaudry Perkins
Digital Health Partnerships


Georges Bediang
 Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Yaounde 
Hani Eskandar
International Telecommunication Union
Béatrice Garrette
Observatoire De la E-Santé dans les pays du Sud
Antoine Geissbuhler
University of Geneva
Klara Jordan
CyberPeace Institute
Michal Matul
Derrick Muneene
World Health Organization
Jason Shellaby
Novartis Foundation
Manu Tiwari
Philippe Veltsos