Call for contributions

Within the overall thematic “Covid-19 Pandemic and Environmental Emergency : Reinventing Global Health in times of Global Changes!” the GHF is launching a call for contributions for the next edition of its conference taking place from 3rd to 5th May 2022.

The Geneva Health Forum is not just a talkfest; this is now a time for action. At the Geneva Health Forum participants will:

  • Be informed of planetary health challenges, share scientific demonstrations and advocate
  • Meet players engaged in these activities
  • Act by creating networks and collaborations, influencing or designing initiatives

True to its purpose, the Geneva Health Forum will:

  • Highlight voices from the field by giving visibility to field experiences. Actors from low and middle-income countries will be given prominence.
  • Create conditions for an open and unfettered debate that fosters the emergence of solutions.
  • Facilitate dialogue and collaborations between actors from different backgrounds (political, academic, private sector, field).
  • Focus on the operational by facilitating networking and by proposing initiatives.

In so doing, the GHF wants to give an important role to field actors.

This call for proposals is open to all persons or organisations ready to contribute their experience at the GHF.

Last day to submit your contribution: 15 December 2021

Oral presentations or posters

Contributions can be made in the form of an oral presentation (15 minutes) or posters. We are seeking experiences from projects, practice or from research that can illustrate how concepts of Planetary Health or One Health can be applied in the field.

The priority themes that we wish to explore are:

  1. Research or projects that reveal linkages between the environment and health.
  2. Research or projects showing how environmental degradation impacts access to health care
  3. Research or projects that promote or support Planetary Health or One Health initiatives
  4. Research or projects that reveal the integration of Planetary Health or One Health approaches into health care systems
  5. Research or projects on the application of Planetary Health or One Health approaches in humanitarian contexts
  6. Activities to combat neglected tropical diseases that are developing One Health approaches
  7. Initiatives demonstrating community participation in improving health
  8. Trainings that promote the concepts of Planetary Health and One Health

It is also possible to propose subjects linked to the concepts of Planetary Health and One Health that do not fall into the above-mentioned priorities.


Innovations Fair

There is also an opportunity to present innovative tools and practices at the Innovations Fair of the GHF. Such tools and approaches can be digital solutions, diagnostic tools, treatments or any other concrete innovations that improve health or care.

Particular attention will be paid to innovations relevant to Planetary Health and One Health, although any tools or practices that improves health and care can be presented.

To see the innovations presented at GHF 2020:

Geneva Health Forum 2018, CICG, Genève, HUG, Symporg,